Writing and fear

Adhering to a strict schedule of writing 2000 words per day is something which is recommended by experts and something that I am keen to get in the habit of doing. The question I am posing to myself is whether I should only write my manuscript or whether I should work on my blog and other writing as part of this process.

I am having serious fears about the quality of my concept for the manuscript. I am afraid it is too common a topic or perhaps too political! Are my feminist and anti domestic violence messages too much? I wonder if my story is strong enough or my writing good enough. There are millions of crime and psychological thrillers out there. Why would someone read mine?

No writing is a waste of time I am told and I must agree. So on I march, loving every minute despite the trepidation and fear of failure.

Lara’s story is somewhat dark but her arc brings her to a more balanced and positive position. She is more open to opportunities, love and has more drive. I need to take away some of the more relatable elements of me from her personality and spice her up a little. I want her to be girlier and more gifted. Perhaps she COULD have a great job but still hate it. I need to do some more analysis and thinking about her persona.

Do other writers end up with elements of their own personalities popping up in the protagonists?

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