How many times do we read a news article and fire up,  share it on Facebook or some other social media platform with a spray about the why’s and wherefores, articulating a passionately held opinion about the article?

For me it’s many times.  This morning’s article drove me to write a wordy tirade, which took ten minutes with iPhone in hand and no glasses.  After careful minutes editing squinting into the screen, I somehow managed to delete the entire thing.  Suffice to say, I was somewhat disappointed!

For a moment I basked in the anger I felt about the content in the article and then the ease with which I was able to accidentally delete a carefully crafted piece of prose.

Then it dawned on me…

Would anyone care?  Would anyone even read my passionate tirade?  Even if they did, so what?  I’m not egotistical enough to believe that I can make a difference.  So what on earth is it that drives me to put finger to keyboard?    Why do I need to express my opinion when no one cares? It is, no doubt, an exercise in futility but one I am unlikely to surrender.

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